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Uffie of Course
October 24, 2006, 12:10 am
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Uffie a.k.a Anna-Catherine Hartley is a 19 year old Parisian/Miamian taking Paris by storm. She’s signed to the ultra cool Ed Banger record label and performs with the DJ Feadz who’s on the same record label. Ready to Uff is my persoal favourite of her tracks with the, shall we say “explicit” lyrics that have seen her being compared to Peaches. But in a recent interview with DUMMY magazine, She said, “I Hate getting compared to her just ’cause I use bad words. I mean, it’s flattering, but it bugs me I get pigeonholed.” Her debut single Pop The Glock is out now on 12” vinyl and check out the artwork!

Ready To Uff will feature on the It’s The New Thing mix tape. Coming soon.


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Running With Scissors
October 23, 2006, 11:50 pm
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Scissors For Lefty are a quartet made up of a pair of brothers. The Garza’s and The Krimmel’s hail from San Francisco and Mama Your Boys Will Find A Home is the second single of the album Underhnaded Romance which is set for release on January 1st on Rough Trade. But the album has leaked and I have to say that Mama… is the only song on the album that really stands out for me. The song has a very laid back, fun vibe to it which in my books can be a good thing or an awful thing but Scissors For Lefty pull it off, well with this song at least.

Mama Your Boys Will Find A Home will feature on the It’s The New Thing mix tape. Coming Soon.


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We’re Being Watched By Experts
October 23, 2006, 1:50 am
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The Horrors Southend Junk club buddies These New Puritans get their name from the song The New Puritan by The Fall (this very blog also got its name from a Fall song, It’s the New Thing). Well These New Puritans’ songs are laden with powerful guitar and a unique voice provided by Jack Barnett. There Now Pluvial Ep is out on October 30th on Angular.

Elviss (demo) will feature on the It’s the New Thing mix tape. Coming soon.


Blissfully Burning
October 23, 2006, 12:58 am
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Nottingham trio Friendly Fires have been been recieving a lot of attention from A&R recently which led to them having quite a large feature in the NME. But all hype is definately justfied, the seriously limited Photobooth 10” is sold out and extremely hard to find. Thank god for myspace! Their page feature all 3 tracks on the single. The uber funky Photobooth is incredibly danceable and very Rapture-ish. It’s Over Now shows the more mellow side of the group. A build up slightly reminiscent of M83’s Don’t Save Us From The Flames. The 3 tracks are completed with Your Love. The song kicks off with a electronic loop followed by a stong bass riff which holds up the song all the way through.

Your Love will feature on the It’s the New Thing mix tape. Coming soon.


October 22, 2006, 11:59 pm
Filed under: The League of International Super Best Friends

The League of International Super Best Friends a.k.a. Yourcodenameis: Milo’s new single is the first from their album of collaborations entitled Print Is Dead : Vol. 1 which is out on the 6th November. The album features collaborations with Letahl Bizzle, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Tom Vek to name but a few. However Wait A Minute is the first single featuring Gordon Moakes from Bloc Party on the bass. The opening bass riff is funky shortly followed by distorted guitar and vocals which build up to Bloc Party-esque outro. The 7” single is limited to 1000 copies but can still be found first hand.

Wait A Minute will feature on the first It’s the New Thing mix tape. Coming soon.


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Tiger Baiting
October 22, 2006, 11:33 pm
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Pull Tiger Tail are a London based trio that have attracted attention with their debut single Animator. The trio toured the country as teenagers in a band called Antihero but since then they have moved from Stratford-upon-Avon and released debut single Animator on Young and Lost Club. The single was released on 7” single and CD with half of the 7” singles (500) being hand designed by the band themselves. Animator has to be one of the most catchy singles of the year with its huge chorus and memerable riff that will keep the song in your head all day long. Also for those of you who are bi-lingual, they band have put L’animateur on the CD single. This demo of Animator sees the band performing the song, nearly fully in french! So get your hands on a copy of the single and fast! I have a feeling the 7” is sold out, but the CD is still available and there is always ebay!

Animator will feature on the first It’s The New Thing mix tape. Coming soon.


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