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Mixtape : 2

%E%br /> Fat Children – Jarvis
You Could Easily Have Me – Metronomy
Kelly – Van She
Postmodern Stars – The Oxfam Glamour Models
O Valencia! – The Decmeberists
A Pillar of Salt – The Thermals
The Next Untouchable – Cajun Dance Party
Cease Desist – Brakes
This Lamb Sells Condos – Final Fantasy
Emily – Joanna Newsom



Criminally Overrated…
November 21, 2006, 5:12 pm
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Well, i decided to write a little bit now and again about bands that I personally think are horribly overrated. My first band and the band that sparked this all off, is The View. I mean, their debut single Wasted Little DJ’s was AWFUL. You can’t understand a single sentance that comes out of the singers mouth and the direction of the song seems to change every minute! This also seems to be the same problem with most of The View’s songs. They sound like a fusion of all the post-Artic Monkeys, post-Libertines bands, which seem to be out there is great numbers. But the worst thing about this is that Wasted Little DJ’s and Superstar Tradesman (follow-up single), got to number 15 in the UK singles chart! Outrageous, well decide for yourself!

Modern Day Robin Hood!
November 21, 2006, 4:41 pm
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This is quite possibly the coolest thing I have seen in a while. The group leader, indentified as just “Oliver” said “I want people to have a little more common courtesy towards their fellow human beings. We hope this encourages people to give something back.”


BBC News Piece
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Mixtape: 1

Well, at long last it’s here. Hope you enjoy it!
Animator – Pull Tiger Tail
Wait A Minute – The League of International Super Best Friends
Your Love – Friendly Fires
Elviss (demo) – These New Puritans
Mama Your Boys Will Find A Home – Scissors For Lefty
Ready to Uff – Uffie
In The City – Blah Blah Blase
Made of Codes – Jack Penate
VW – Late of the Pier
That Boy, That Girl – Hadouken!
Hang Me To Dry – Cold War Kids
The Great Escape – Art Brut
Only Lovers Left Alive – The Long Blondes
Trafalgar – BoNO MUST DIE
Count in Fives – The Horrors