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Why I Hate Boys And Girls In America When P…
March 11, 2007, 4:21 pm
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Why I Hate Boys And Girls In America

When Pitchfork Media reviews an album and gives it 9.4, the album is usually stunning, most of us know that Pitchfork are not the kindest reviewers on the web and have more than the prescribed indie snobbery.
So when I saw that The Hold Steady got 9.4 for their album Girls and Boys In America, I with out hesitation, bought the album thinking “It must be good!” Oh how wrong I was.
First off I personally despise Craig Finn’s voice, half talking, half singing.
This combined with the Hold Steady’s odious lyrics makes this album terrible to say the least.
The aspect of The Hold Steady’s lyrics that every reviewer seems to adore is the story telling elements of the songs, sure if it’s done well then it’s all right. But I think you can guess that this is not the case with Boys and Girls In America. Every single song tells the story of you guessed it, Boys and Girls In America. Lead single Chip Ahoy! tells the story of a girlfriend who could tell which horse would come in first, so the couple made a lot of money, which they in turn spent on drugs. However the couple become isolated as the girl “won’t ever dance” because of her drug abuse. Riveting stuff, don’t you think?
Nearly every single song takes the same path lyrically, most songs featuring high boys and girls getting in trouble. However none of the other songs on the album compare to hilariously awful Chillout Tent. The song is a story of an American boy and girl (surprised?) who meet by chance after overdosing on drugs of course, in a chillout tent at a music festival. The boy and the girl also play a role in the vocals of Chillout Tent singing (badly) about how they were given “orange and cigarettes”, then the two get together, but it was “kinda sexy but it was kinda creepy”, lyrically brilliant, right? But alas their love was short lived, as the two never saw each other again.
Drugs do seem to be the main theme of this album. Hot Soft Light tells the story of how an event of drug taking “started recreational” and “ended kinda medical”.
Horrific piano parts, odious lyrics, and a tedious amount of stories about drugs, this album sucks. Decide for yourself.

Mp3: Chips Ahoy!
Mp3: Chillout Tent
Mp3: Hot Soft Light