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Hadouken!/BoNO MUST DIE/Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames

Well at long last I got to go see Hadouken! and BoNO MUST DIE after listening to them for the past few months. First off, well done to Hadouken! for choosing BMD as the support and of course Tiger Force but one of them had an asthma attack so they had to cancel, bit of a shame.

The venue for this party was originally Canvas, but due to increased demand it was changed to Neighbourhood, officially the most annoying venue to find but definitely one of the coolest I’ve been to in my short gigging time. From the minute I set eyes on the stage it seemed to be crying out for the fans to dance with the band on it. Also it turns out that mega huge US rap star T.I played there a while back.

Cue band no. 1: Shut Your Eyes and You’ll Burst Into Flames. Now these guys are very interesting, when walking into the venue I saw what turned out to be their drummer selling t-shirts in vain. The drummer then took the stage to a crowd who seemed confused as to whether the drummer was in the band or not, I know I was definitely confused. The rest of the band was all very cool as most bands are but this drummer was a bit odd. The first song was introduced like so: “This song is a classic” this opening line set the whole scene for their short set, with the drummer even descending into pantomime-esque, “I can’t hear you…” Oh, and he also caused the bouncers to be tougher when he ordered everyone onstage, the result of which was a ten minute delay. However the music wasn’t bad, I wouldn’t tip them for great success, but they were a good warm up band.

Cue Band no. 2: BoNO MUST DIE. This IS the band I (personally) was there to see. After weeks of reading about gigs that I yearned to go to on myspace I finally got to see them. I even had, the legendary t-shirt. But before the band came on the bouncers went on a huge mission of moving kids back 6 inches from the stage. I did mention to them that as soon as the music started the crowd would just lurch forward, but I’m just a kid right? I think BMD recruited a new drummer, a larger version of Coffin Joe from the Horrors, and I think the keyboard player was different, different colour hair and younger but I’m not too sure. Last to take the stage was front man Tobi, also of Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man. and We Work At Tesco, But We’re Still Gangsta, Innit? (Yes that is the name, and yes they do kick ass). Opening with the bluntly titled We’re Better Than You, the crowd lurched forward (as predicted) much to the bouncers horror. The crowd went mental, with Tobi commanding the stage. Next came Thespian, once again another great track and a great crowd reaction to go with it. Trafalgar followed with a crazy distortion driven, drum break a la Sonic Youth (which ensued in a stage invasion, in which Tobi’s hat was stolen) then a slower version of the final part of the song. For me the definite highlight of the set was Belle Et Rebelle. From the opening bass line to the explosion of “We’ve got nothing to say!” the song really stirred everything up. Also included in the set were Emily (You’re Not My Mother), the penultimate song, which I didn’t know the name of, and their showstopper, a cover of Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back. After the crash of the guitars, Tobi stood on top of the drum kit for one final verse. This band is definitely one to watch for next year, they have the songs (I think they kept some of the killer ones locked away for when they have the show to themselves, e.g. Cinnamon), the looks, and the t-shirts. Sorry Hadouken!, good choice of support but for me they stole the show.

Finally, band no. 3: Hadouken!. This, hip-hop/electro quartet seem to be insanely popular for an unsigned band, also like BMD, they have great t-shirts. To get right into it the thick of things, Hadouken! opened with the attack on the scenester, Superstar. Singer James was in great form spitting the lyrics down the mic. The crowd was lively to say the least, nearly knocking the speaker over. Tuuning In saw the bouncers cut off the show and Hadouken! were forced to start again. The set included yet another contemporary song with one about the whole Emo scene. Hadouken! finished off their whirlwind set with their most well known song That Boy That Girl. The song is a great song, but I think the singer may have got too big for his boots when it came to some line, at which he left out and relied on the crowd to chant it. This took away from the song more that the singer had probably intended. In general Hadouken! are still a strong live act, however I’m not too convinced about the lyrics in the songs It seems as they are relying completely on the social divisions in the UK and don’t seem to have much else to sing about. Let’s hope they have some songs locked up, ready to be unleashed.

Mixtape: 1

Well, at long last it’s here. Hope you enjoy it!
Animator – Pull Tiger Tail
Wait A Minute – The League of International Super Best Friends
Your Love – Friendly Fires
Elviss (demo) – These New Puritans
Mama Your Boys Will Find A Home – Scissors For Lefty
Ready to Uff – Uffie
In The City – Blah Blah Blase
Made of Codes – Jack Penate
VW – Late of the Pier
That Boy, That Girl – Hadouken!
Hang Me To Dry – Cold War Kids
The Great Escape – Art Brut
Only Lovers Left Alive – The Long Blondes
Trafalgar – BoNO MUST DIE
Count in Fives – The Horrors