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Une Mixtape De Nouvelle Chansons

  1. Tapes ‘N Tapes – Hang Them All
  2. Born Ruffians – Hummingbird
  3. Cadence Weapon – We Move Away
  4. Foals – Tron
  5. The Futureheads – The Beginning of the Twist
  6. The Kills – The Last Day of Magic
  7. Be Your Own Pet – The Kelly Affair
  8. These New Puritans – £4
  9. Late of the Pier – The Bears Are Coming
  10. Atlas Sound – Recent Bedroom
  11. Cut Copy – Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)
  12. Crystal Castles – Through the Hosiery

Greetings, today at 2.42 I bring you this group of 12 songs. If anyone is wondering why the title is in French it’s because it purely looks better than “A Mixtape of New Songs” which is the translation. Basically, each of the 12 tracks is off the band’s new album or single, and each track is great in its own right. Tapes ‘N Tapes return with a jangly, organ laden track in Hang Them All. Recent Bedroom is my personal favourite track off the Atlas Sound (Bradford Cox of Deerhunter) record, Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel, with its hazy atmosphere and sharp, echoing guitars. Ex-Pitchfork journo, Cadence Weapon features with We Move Away, off his second album, Afterparty Babies, and Foals’ epic closer Tron is also incorporated in the mixtape. Every track is amazing, it would just take me too long to describe them all to you now, especially at this late an hour. But do DL them all, they are all worth it, and a special mention goes to £4 by These New Puritans for being the most played song on my iTunes.

P.S : all these mp3s are now “right click and save as…” ones, which should make things a lot easier, tell me there are any problems.


FFFFField Day
August 22, 2007, 4:51 pm
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Thanks to Field Day being an 18+ event I only arrived at 5.00pm after sitting at home contemplating when to make my move. Thankfully, the time I did arrive at Victoria Park was perfect, as there was no queue and the doormen didn’t appear to know it was 18+.

With Caribou and Fridge having already played I walked over and caught the end of The Aliens energetic, but bland set. The festival’s laidback feel was quite apparent after the dangerously high energy levels of the Underage Festival.

When Foals took to the stage, the crowd seemed impartial towards one of the hottest new bands around, as they only received a lazy applause. Being upgraded to the Main Stage after playing the cramped Adventures In A Beetroot Field Tent the day before, the band had much more room to move around which they used to its full. The band’s movements relate directly to their jerky, math rock style, just by looking at them move around stage, you can tell they don’t play your average Indie Pop. Foals stormed through a set that included singles, Hummer and Mathletics. Unfortunately the crowd didn’t seem to react to the raw energy of their performance, for such a new band, these shows are damn impressive.

Next up on my list to see was supreme DJ Erol Alkan, but due to the Field Day organisers’ ingenius idea to shove the DJ’s in the miniscule Bugged Out! Tent, getting into the tent would prove quite a feat.

So, onwards I went, and stumbled across the hidden gem of the Field Day bands: Electrelane. Fully packing out the Adventures… Tent, the girls from Brighton played a set laden with songs for their stunning album No Shouts, No Calls, amazing stuff.

At risk of getting chucked out, but mainly due to the hideously long queues the beer tents were avoided. I was also blessed by not needing to stand for hours in the queue for the toilets. Instead of those fun activities I went and watched Battles, the band that have produced my favourite album of 2007 so far with Mirrored.

But much to my annoyance it is here where I have to commence a large rant. Battles are known for their extremely intricate and unique sounding songs. How do they produce such songs? By using a lot of complex, hi-tech equipment. However the awfully organised Field Day schedule left Battles only 10 minutes to set up and sound check. This combined with the ruthless allocation of just half an hour for each band, meant that Battles only played for 25 minutes. But here comes the kicker, on recent Field Day flyers the very first name on the flyer was Battles, just the pure annoyance of having one of the biggest bands there play a four song set was unbelievable.

When Battles eventually took to the stage the quartet opened with the mind blowing Tij that made me explode with pure happiness. Watching Battles rip through Tonto (one of the highlights of Mirrored) it becomes apparent how tight a live band Battles are. Such intricate song structures are being played with relative ease, every band member seems to be fully aware of each other’s parts and at the time playing their own to the nearest degree of perfection, this band are really something else. Finishing with their painfully short set with the mammoth Atlas, John Steiner’s hypnotic drumbeat causes the crowd to show the most enthusiasm of the day so far.

In order to get a good view of Liars in the tiny Adventures… tent, I headed over early when Late of The Pier were scheduled to go on. But no, they had to take half and hour longer to set up, and to add insult in injury played a set much longer than their allocated time.

Subsequently Liars took the stage much later than scheduled, but when Angus Andrew took to the stage clad in an entirely white suit and the band launched into Be Quiet Mt. Heart Attack, all the timing issues of the day were completely forgotten. A ferocious run through of new single Plaster Casts Of Everything was the first song of the whole day to induce the hysteria that should have been abundant at the festival. Liars prove that they are the best band of the day with the soundscape that is Pure Unevil and the crazy, tribal callings of Let’s Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack. Angus Andrew has more personality than any other front man I have seen in a long time, pure confidence and energy oozing out of him and his tall figure runs around the stage. The eardrum perforating beats of Drum And The Uncomfortable Can (that gets the whole crowd air drumming) signals the end of the standard set. The band then retake to the stage and finish off with the frantic shuffling of Broken Witch.

Rushing off back to the main stage I manage to catch Justice mix into the pulsating Stress before mixing the well-known Atlantis To Interzone sirens into hit We Are Your Friends. The Parisian electro duo end their set with the giant, electrostatic beats of Waters of Nazerth before the giant lit up cross is extinguished. The mixing between the tracks was pretty flawless but the duo still haven’t quite perfected it like their fellow Parisians Daft Punk.

I would have loved the have seen the entire set, but Late of The Pier managed to back everything up so Liars, who weren’t scheduled to clash with Justice, did. Maybe it’s unfair to blame one band, but they delayed Liars, which meant they clashed with Justice, so they can fairly be labelled idiots in my mind.

In my eyes, the day was a success purely because I was treated to an intimate set from Liars and the end of a great Justice set. But, I left feeling a little under whelmed purely because the event could have been so much better.

Mp3: Plaser Casts Of Everything – Liars
Mp3: Pure Unevil – Liars
Mp3: Atlas – Battles
Mp3: In Berlin – Electrelane
Mp3: Stress – Justice
Mp3: Cassius – Foals

May 19, 2007, 2:24 pm
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Foals played new track Cassius in a recent session with Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe. The track is another jerky, chanty one, but another great one too.

Mp3: Cassius

Underage Festival Lineup Expanded

Blood Red Shoes, Kid Harpoon, Jack Penate, The Displacements, Fear of Flying and bleh….Boy Kill Boy, have been added to the Underage Festival on August 10th.

I’ll definitely be wathcing Fear of Flying (interviewed here), Blood Red Shoes and Jack Penate, they are proabablt three of the best acts there overall.

Underage Festival
April 24, 2007, 7:52 pm
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Oragnisers of the Underage Club in London have announced the Underage Festival to take place on August 10th in Victoria Park in London.  The line up that has been announced so far is absolutely stunning, with Foals, The Young Knives and Patrick Wolf all set to perform.  The festival will take place over three stages sponsored by Radio 1, Myspace and Artrocker magazine.  French indie remixers The Teenagers are also on the bill along with Canda’s “8-bit terror duo” Crystal Castles.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am here.

Full Line Up:

Crystal Castles
Cajun Dance Party
Daisy and Lewis
Johnny Flynn
Mystery Jets
Patrick Wolf
I was a Cub Scout
Pull Tiger Tail
The Rumble Strips
The Teenagers
The Young Knives
To My Boy
Vincent Vincent and the Villians
Xerox Teens


Math Rock
April 10, 2007, 11:30 am
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Oxford based quintet Foals have recently found themselves in the limelight: a Radar feature in NME, a SXSW session at the hugely popular US online radio station All of this before the release of their debut single: Hummer.

Hummer opens with an almost mechanical sounding drum beat before the jerky, staccato guitars kick in along with singer Yannis’ yelps of “Quiet Heartbeat!” Before building up to the chants of “Ay Common!”

B-side Astronauts And All opens with a simple two note keyboard before the rest of the band crash in for a frantic intro. The jerky guitar drives the song forward accompanied by Yannis’ chants of “Make it Happen”.

Mp3: Astronauts And All


New York based math rockers Battles are readying their first proper album Mirrored (Released May 14th on Warp) after two EP’s EP-C and B EP, the two were combined and released on Warp Records in February of 2006.

Lead single Atlas provides a hypnotic combination of effects and instruments paired with digitized vocals from singer Tyondai Braxton.

Mp3: Atlas
Mp3: Tij