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July 18, 2008, 10:58 pm
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At long, long last both Late of the Pier and Metronomy have kindly obliged to release new records.  Late of the Pier, who released their lauded Zarcorp Demo on myspace way back in 2006, have finally planned to release their debut album Fantasy Black Channel.  FBC sees the Castle Donnington crew do what they do best with their Gary Numan-esque synths and electric energy.  The band looked to have used their time well after leaving bloggers and fans alike gagging for new material with only three singles over two years to sustain us.  Six out of the eight tracks that featured on the band’s hype inducing Zarcorp Demo get new shiny makeovers for Fantasy Black Channel, with a suped-up version of Heartbeat and a monumental brass infused VW.  Fantasy Black Channel appears to be worth the long wait and the record is packed with the full-blooded, electro/pop hits that LOTP have long promised since 2006.

Mp3: Heartbeat

Mp3: VW

Mp3: Broken

Mp3: Random Firl

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 Metronomy’s debut album Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 Grand You Owe), like LOTP’s Zarcorp Demo, was released in 2006.  After that the band got involved in dodgy contract deals that slowed down the bands imminent success.  For Metronomy sustenance we relied on Jo’s sublime remixing ability where he made tracks his own.  But with contract issues over and a cash-rich new record deal signed, Metronomy got to work on Nights Out, the follow up the acclaimed but mainly underground Pip Paine…  Nights Out is a natural progression from the largely instrumental Pip Paine… and showcases the best of Metronomy’s idiosyncratic music.  From the polished seduction of Radio Ladio to the dysmorphic new single Holiday, Nights Out finally combines the tracks that were formerly exclusive to watching three guys dancing eccentrically on a stage with spherical lights upon their chests (Metronomy’s live shows for those of you still in the dark).  Metronomy have to be one of the only bands around with their own unique brand of music and hopefully Nights Out will see Jo and the band achieve the commercial success that their music deserves.

Mp3: Holiday

Mp3: Radio Ladio

Mp3: On The Motorway

Mp3: Heartbreaker

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Mixtape : 2

%E%br /> Fat Children – Jarvis
You Could Easily Have Me – Metronomy
Kelly – Van She
Postmodern Stars – The Oxfam Glamour Models
O Valencia! – The Decmeberists
A Pillar of Salt – The Thermals
The Next Untouchable – Cajun Dance Party
Cease Desist – Brakes
This Lamb Sells Condos – Final Fantasy
Emily – Joanna Newsom