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October 13, 2008, 2:48 pm
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When one band burns up, chances are that something of worth will emerge from the ashes.  This is certainly the case with Ben Esser.  Esser was the drummer for the sadly overlooked and underrated perky-indie three piece Ladyfuzz, who’s break-up was for “reasons too vast, complex and painful to mention.”  Whatever the traumatising reasons were behind the demise of his former band, Ben Esser seems to have come out the other end with his musical talent still intact.

Signed to Transgressive Records earlier this year (Ladyfuzz’s former label) Esser has churned out a handful of eclectic and love lorn singles.  On new single, Satisfied, Esser showcases his deft skill of dipping into various musical realms to build all encompassing pieces of pop genius.  With a foundation of debonair 50’s piano parts, salsa handclaps and Caribbean guitar parts, Esser’s silkily suave vocals  caress your ears with slightly grim advice on women.  “You know a man can never win/ Even if you buy her all the shoes,” he bemoans before begging men not be drawn in by women at the risk of being “her slave till you die.”

This tongue-in-cheek animosity towards the opposite sex is a common theme throughout Esser’s small batch of singles.  The cut and paste vocals of I Love You lament the difficulties of avoiding awkwardness when divulging your love.  Amongst twee vocal harmonies he curses the “cold and tainted syllables”.  The hyper-catchy electro-pop of Headlock sees Esser uses fighting moves to metaphorically portray his dominating girlfriends (Roundhouse kicks keep knocking me backwards/  Your desperate world is bringing me down).

Esser’s sharp-witted lyrics and devastatingly catchy choruses are more than enough to endear him to mainstream indie-pop fans and elitist music cynics alike.

Mp3: I Love You

Mp3: Satisfied

Mp3: Headlock